Home Buyer's Guide

Finding your dream home can be a time-consuming process and somewhat stressful. We are experts in this field, and can help you find the perfect home, based on your goals, wants and needs.

Obtain Pre-approval

Determine how much you can afford, not just in terms of the initial down payment and monthly mortgage, but have enough money set aside for home improvements and reserves.

Mortgage Lenders

We can help you get financing by referring you to a lender who has a track record of closing at rates near the quotes they give at the beginning of the financing process, if you don’t already have one.

Home Search

Your agent will go over available listings, explore neighborhoods and visit homes with you. You can shop for deals in a buyer’s market, while a seller’s market will require you to be more competitive when negotiating.

Terms, Conditions and Financing

The terms cover price, financing, inspection periods, non-realty items, closing dates and known repairs. An inspection will determine the condition of the house, your attorney will make requests on your behalf. Once your lender has determined you are able to secure financing, we can move forward with preparing for closing.

Mortgage Calculator

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